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Mar 26, 2008 12:34 PM

Help! Good Nashville eats

I will be in Nashville next month for three days with some girlfriends and need some suggestions for good places to eat. We prefer local, and I'd like ideas for all price ranges (we usually do one "splurge" dinner). We're staying at the Doubletree downtown, and may not have a car. So close to that would be good, though we're not averse to taking a cab, either. Some names I've gotten off this site and others include Zola's, Margot Cafe, Monells, Loveless, and Germantown Cafe. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Hmm... I did a search for "Nashville" on the boards before posting and only found old posts. But now I see the more recent ones. I will watch those as well.

    1. Ate at Monells last Sunday. Can't get much more local. Good food, good folks. Killer pork chops.

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        Let me second Monell's. The food is very good--but you have to like that kind of food--and the experience is fun--especially for a group.
        We were in Nashville just a while back and re-visited Flyte. I was a bit disappointed as it was not as good as I remembered. That might be the old "re-visit blues" and I will give another chance to the place as the first experience was very nice.
        Since we were stuck in the d/t area w/ limited time we also hit Merchant's and Sole Mio. Merchant's was pretty good for what we had. I under stand they have a nicer menu than what we opted to try but we wanted simple and fast. Sole Mio was okay but not great. Fuss said the sauce I make at home is better and the sea food in my dinner was some what over-cooked so I would probably opt else where.

      2. Your closest splurge is definitely Capitol Grille in the Hermitage Hotel about 2 blocks away. It's fantastically good, pretty spendy, and a really beautiful space. Do it -- I think you'll be glad you did.

        Other eats in that area. I believe Koto Sushi just relocated to Union Street sort of across from your hotel. Cheap and cheerful and good. Chappy's is on Church Street, about a 10-minute walk and is run by a successful New Orleans restaurateur who relocated to Nashville post-Katrina. I've had good meals there,but the food is spicy and rich, and a lttle fussy. Merchant's is nearby on busy, buzzy Broadway -- I haven't eaten there in several years but search the boards. The Palm is about 4 blocks from you across Broadway, near Merchant's. You could combine either meal with a trip to one of the honky tonks or the Country Music Hall of Fame. Second Avenue is a fun ramble and has a lot of okay choices -- the Japanese place Ichiban is reallly good Japanese. Arnold's and Swett's both serve meat-n-three and are within a somewhat extended but pleasant walking distance (but not open for dinner). On the north side of downtown, there's Germantown Cafe, which is about a 15-minute walk. Good food and a pretty walk across Bicentennial Mall. You might walk there, then cab it back. That's what I would recommend.

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            I always have to add Radiu 10 to the list (also love Germantown Cafe and Flyte) The menu is great and if you want to make it one of your less expensive but hip/great atmosphere outings, they have a wonderful happy hour from 5-7 in the bar area -- all apps (all are big enough for a meal) are 25% off, pizzas are half off as are most drinks. If you opt for dinner in the dining room, the shrimp/grits are some of the best you'll ever have. I've never had a bad meal or experience there. It is located in the Gulch area/around 12th ave. so would probably be about a 5 minute cab ride.

          2. I would also consider Watermark for the splurge meal...