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Mar 26, 2008 12:31 PM

Family friendly NYC

Hi guys ,
I am writing to find a variety of family friendly/reasonable meals besides Pizza in NYC , I have been in Miami for 2 years and have been asked by a friend from NC(family of 5(2 adults 3 kids) for ideas -I was excited to send them to sapore until I found out they were closed -any type of food but same basic budget/quality would be ideal-Thanks

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  1. Otto (there's much more on the menu beyond pizza), Sarabeth's CPS, any one of the Serafina locations, Via Emilia, Pop Burger Midtown, Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop, Tisserie, Markt, Bar Stuzzichini, Crispo, Katz's Deli

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      My new fave is PINCH and S'MAC on Columbus near the Museum of Natural History. A dozen varieties of mac and cheese all served in cast iron skillets, terrific salads, and pizza by the inch. This place is a must for mac and cheese lovers. Recently I heard a six-year-old exclaim: "Mom, this is the best place ever. Can we eat here every day until I grow up?"

    2. If the weather is nice, go to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Great burgers and custard. My personal fave is the deep fried mushroom & cheese "burger". And it's an awesome location.