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Mar 26, 2008 12:26 PM

Eastside Party for 10 - 12

I'm planning a mellow bachelorette party for about 10 to 12 women. Food and wine are priorities as is a reasonable price and a relatively intimate setting where we can all hear each other. I'm thinking small plates. I'd like to stay on the eastside, but will also consider Culver & Mid-City.

Here is a short list of considerations. Any input/suggestions are greatly appreciated as I need to get this together soon.






The York

Table 8

Vinotecca Farfalla

Cobras & Matadors

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  1. Personally I would go with Lou, but Cobras and Matadors is usually a fun time for everyone. I can't imagine that you could really fit 10 people anywhere at Vinoteca Farfalla. The York seems far and noisy. Cube is not very festive. I haven't been to Tasca so I don't know what the layout is like but everyone seems to like it.

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      Thanks! My only concern with Lou is that they do not take reservations on a Saturday. It is a pretty small room.