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Mar 26, 2008 12:13 PM

Need to break out of our Gibsons rut!

I'm trying to organize a small birthday dinner for a co-worker this evening and all anyone can seem to suggest is our usual places: Gibsons/Carmines/Bluewater Grill/Sepia. While these are classics, we want to branch out a bit!!

We're not worried about price, and somewhere with a good champagne list is a plus! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. While I have not been there, my son and his friends swear by Keefers and other friends of mine love Joe's Stone Crab. Aigre Doux by the Merchandise Mart is a fine choice and if you can go further north you cannot beat Boca next door to Alinea and down the street from Steppenwolf Theater. Good luck!

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      Those are great suggestions. Also, Custom House in the South Loop. And what about Italian? Coco Pazzo in River North, Cafe Spiaggia at the end of Michigan Avenue, Trattoria No. 10 and Vivere in the Loop, etc.

      Or, for that matter, the contemporary American restaurants - in addition to Aigre Doux, you've got one sixtyblue and Blackbird on West Randolph, MK and Naha in River North, Sweets and Savories in Lincoln Park, etc.

    2. Give the Kinzie Chop house a shot.

      1. Can't speak to the food, but La Pomme Rouge has an amazing champagne list for a restaurant. Keefer's is a great food place, if you like Gibson's but need a change.

        1. Gibson's and Carmines I get, but its funny you mention Sepia as a "classic". Not knocking the food mind you...but it only opened in June last year.