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Mar 26, 2008 11:54 AM

Not your mother's chicken

I have a whole chicken sitting in my fridge waiting to be dinner. I am in the mood to do something different -- what's a good chicken recipe that i can make for weeknight dinner? I just don't want the same old stuff tonight. Would prefer no cream or frying. Thanks for suggetsions!

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  1. no frying? well you just took the fun out of it. ;) haha j/k.

    this is one of our favorites - incredibly easy and deceptively delicious. it's modeled on lunch at a delicious loncheria on the island of isla mujeres in mexico. we call them leonora's chicken tostadas, after the woman who runs the loncheria.

    fry corn tortillas to make the tostadas (if you're opposed to frying you could bake them or maybe even do them soft taco style).
    slather on sour cream (lowfat in your case i would guess).
    top with sliced avocado.
    top with shredded roasted chicken.
    top with shredded lettuce.
    top with thinly sliced tomatoes.
    top with crumbly mexican cheese (like cotija).
    top with pickled red onions (it's here that the dish has been "made").


    or, here is another one my husband came up with.
    quarter chicken, season with salt and pepper.
    sear in cast iron (you want a lovely crisp skin).
    add onions if you like.
    deglaze with beer.
    add tomatillo sauce. i think he may have added some chicken stock here as well.
    pop in the oven until chicken is done (the sauce will get all thick, delicious, and caramelized around the edges).
    serve alongside saffron rice with peas and fresh tomatoes in it.

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      mrsjenpeters! Why thank you! pickled red onions. damn that sounds yummy. comfort food deluxe. i also adore tomatillo sauce - so that might be the winner. (I just recently rediscovered my love of cast iron too. how perfect.) thanks, lady!

    2. If you have a mexican grocer, or a decent mkt, get a prepared mole, or a concentrated mole paste. I haven't found any that are mind blowing, my next trial version will be Teloloapan brand. Grab some tortillas too.

      Cut the bird in half along the backbone, and flatten it. Rub it down with your favorite spice rub (under the skin is a good place to throw some of the rub.) Roast it off.
      While it's in the oven, make some rice. Plain or spanish style. Mashed taters work well with this too.

      Make the mole as instructed. slice the chicken breast, and cut off the other parts. pile of rice or mashed taters onto a pool of mole, and place your chix pieces / parts on the pile.

      Serve with warm tortillas. If you want a veg, sauteed zucchini would work well. also, sour cream / guacamole works too.

      Don't be surprised if you have to doctor up the mole a little before plating.

      1. maybe too simple and unoriginal but a really good roast chicken can be so good. I really like to do a rendition of the Bare Foot Contessa's Roast Chicken with Onions. Essentially, you slice some yellow onions really thick, toss in a little olive oil, put in the bottom of your roasting pan, put chicken on top. Put a quartered lemon and S&P in the chicken cavity. Put a little olive oil on the bird and cook at 400 degrees. I add some Rosemary and Sage as well. Then while the bird is cooking, chop up some good bread into chunks, toss in a pan with some olive oil (I add chopped rosemary and sage) and toast to make fresh croutons. When chicken is done, toss juice, sauce, etc. in with the croutons (oh my gosh - so yummy) and serve with the chicken and maybe some green beans.

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          I make some variation of that chickie a lot, but never with the croutons. they sound really tasty -- and soul satisfying. thanks -- i will use that idea!

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            I love this recipe --we make it often. It's clear proof that the whole can be bigger than the sum of its parts.

          2. Last weekend I tried "Introducing French Chicken in a Pot" from Cook's Illustrated. Be forewarned, if you are a huge fan of crispy skin, this recipe is not for you. This recipe renders that skin pretty much useless, but if you are looking juicy succulent and flavorful chicken, this is a great way to go. On paper this recipe looks a little intimidating, but in practice it's very simple. I found a copy of the recipe here:

            Even after a few days in the fridge, the chicken was amazingly moist.


            1. I like to cut up a chicken and brown the parts in OO in a large skillet. Next brown some onions, garlic, and mushrooms; return all to the pan, add some thyme and a bay leaf, about 1/2 cup each broth and red wine, cover and slowly simmer about 20 min. Add some tiny creamer potatoes and sliced carrots. When veg's are done, thicken the juices with a melted butter/flour paste. Cook for 5 minutes and serve over rice. Sort of a simplified Coq au Vin.