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Please rate my downtown Denver options

So, Colorado and Wyoming are in the "Southwest," eh? Who knew?

Anyway, I'll be attending a conference at the Marriott City Center in downtown Denver and am mapping out restaurants to try. Any feedback is appreciated on these places, or alternatives.

-- Rocky Mountain Diner.
-- The Broker.
-- Panzano.
-- Bayou Bob's.
-- Anthony's Pizza and Pasta.
-- Rialto Cafe.

-- Snooze.

-- Sushi Den.

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  1. We're not grown up enough to have our own board.

    My recommendations would be to skip The Broker, Rocky Mountain Diner, Bayou Bob's and Rialto. Get a slice at Anthony's but it's really not that special. Panzano does a good job with Northern Italian.

    Add Rioja, Vesta Dipping Grill and Bistro Vendome to your "right nearby" list. Snooze is definitely worth a walk, especially in the beautiful Colorado springtime. Add Fruition to Sushi Den on those places that are "worth a cab ride."

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      I agree with this and would add if you're interested in a good diner style head for Stueben's.

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        Although Sushi Sasa is closer & just as good when not better, especially for omakase.

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          I have a deep love for the chicken fried steak at the Rocky Mountain Diner, but unless you're in the mood for something in that vein, it's definitely skippable.

          If you need to garb a quick bite for lunch from your hotel, you should check out An's Lemongrass Grill which is on California between 16th and 17th.

        2. Been a while, but I would ditch The Broker. After 20 years of dining in Denver, it is one of the few "bad tastes," that I recall. That said, I am a fan of almost anything Kevin Taylor.

          I have also been more of a fan of Kenny Sonoda's (though I dined at the Aurora spot most often), than Sushi Den.

          Please remember that things have likely changed, since I dined in my *adopted* hometown, Denver.


          1. Check out this website. Even though is't for Dever Restaurant Week, you can find restaurants in a particular area. Also you can click on a restaurants name and find a link to their website. Most of them have menus listed. Good Luck!

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              Please be aware that the menus on the Restaurant Week website were the items the restaurants served during Restaurant Week and might not be on the regular or current menus.

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                Right, on the menu page on the left, click on the link to go directly to the restaurants website and read their normal menus.

            2. I agree with Pastajohn's recs. I'd for sure add Osteria Marco and Capital Grille (if you're on the expense account and want a steak) to the nearby list, and maybe Oceanaire and the Ninth Door as options too.

              1. check out fruition!! also great is steubens... upscale hip diner.

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                  i recently went to Steubens to grab a bite before a concert at the Fillmore and absolutely loved it. I usually go to Hamburger Mary's when I'm in that area (which is quite good as well), but I may have been converted. Fruitation is always delicious. Also, if you are looking for sushi (and don't mind the cab ride), I would suggest Hapas. I personally like it more than Sonodas or Sushi Den.

                2. We're all on the same page re the skippable, the worthwhile and the add-to-the-list recommendations. Another worth-a-walk local favrorite would be Racine's at 6th and Sherman. It's a local institution for B, L, D and even late-evening (for Denver) service.

                  I'm kind of curious, Bill on Capitol Hill, where that original list came from. A map? Understandable. The hotel's recommendation? If the latter, I'd be careful of anything else they suggest. :-)

                  Colorado could be considered MARGINALLY in the Southwest, although we have zilch, nothing, nada, nichts, rien, zero in common with, say, Las Vegas or Phoenix. Wyoming isn't at all -- except in the Land of the Chowhound. Some of us wish there were a Rocky Mountain Region board -- Colorado to Montana, New Mexico could go either way. Colorado and New Mexico share a border, but culturally and climatically, it's also close to Arizona. Las Vegas is a universe of its own.

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                    I've suggested, many times, that Den be separated from the SW Board, and the same for LV, but the CH team has told me to "hush." I agree with your comments, and a separation would help me, as I too often read DEN and think PHX. That is what I get for living in DEN for 20 years, and now living in PHX for 10. Three times this week, I mis-spoke, and said "DEN," when I meant "PHX," and vice-versa! It would save the CH team a lot of grief, having to remove my PHX comments, from DEN threads.

                    Maybe one day,

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                      Google Maps, to answer your question, Claire. Speaking of Arizona, I'm a big fan of green chili (chile?). Not green chile as they mean it in New Mexico, as in a paste of the chopped-up peppers, but the way they mean it in Phoenix and Tucson -- a wonderful meaty stew featuring the same. I gather that the Colorado version may be more like the Arizona version, but I figured there would be no such thing *downtown*. Am I wrong?

                      1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

                        The green chili stew you speak of is in fact New Mexico style. At steubens they do both the chopped green chilies (sp?) on a cheese burger and the stew as a soup option. Both are awsome.

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                          Green Chile is both a fruit (which is then made into sauces, chopped for burgers etc although I've never seen it made into a paste) and a stew in New Mexico. Stueben's is good but it has tomatoes which is not common in New Mexico where I fell in love with Green Chile Stew.

                        2. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

                          La Cueva (old Aurora) on Colfax does their "green chili") in the "soup" style, and is very good. Give me a bowl, and Señora Nuñez' hand-made tortillas, and I am in heaven. Oh, I still add her tamal w/ mole (have to ask nicely for this) and a cheese enchillada.