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Mar 26, 2008 11:12 AM

Best Indian Snacks or hole in the wall

New to the DC area and looking for a place to fill in for our beloved Viks Chaat corner from Berkeley. Any place around here specialize in indian street food and snacks?


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  1. Heritage in Dupont Circle has an Indian street food menu as part of their regular menu but also for their Happy Hour special. I love the food there, especially the street food menu which is quite affordable. They call it the "Hawker Zone" menu:

    1. Shineys in Annandale is a complete hole in the wall that offers good chaat and other snacks, as well as a very extensive dessert selection.

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        Shineys is the best, I agree, though it is Pakistani, they will have very good chaat papri and hot pepper pokori.

        The Heritage India Dupont, as recommended above, is a fancy restaurant with some mighty fine vittles including bhel puri, gobi massalam, and the patra. Impressive.

      2. Uduupi Palace in MD has a ton of snacks in the case when you first walk into the restaurant. Other than that, its real specialty is southern Indian.