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Mar 26, 2008 10:53 AM

Paris on Sunday

My wife and I will be making our first trip to Paris in October and will be celebrating our anniversary, which is on a Sunday. We are staying near the Eiffel Tower in the 7th and would appreciate suggestions for restaurants in the area that are open on Sunday. Suggestions for other days are also very welcome. One caveat, my wife has a fairly narrow pallet, mostly beef, chicken or pasta dishes.

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  1. Cafe de Mars, 11 rue Augereau, has a Sunday brunch, and Auberge Bressane, 16 Motte-Picquet, are an easy walk from your hotel. Both are decent, A.B., more upscale, would be my choice given her dietary preferences.

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      Thanks for both suggestions. A. B for dinner? Do we need reservations<

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        Pasco is open on Sunday as well. Beautiful, cozy, Mediterranean-style bistrot with a perfect view over the Invalides in the evening. Reservations are always recommended and are highly appreciated, especially in smaller neighbourhood bistrots. Why run the risk to find the place you intended to have a meal solid booked ? Ask your hotel to make your reservations and you can relax.

        Most brasseries and cafés around the Ecole Militaire will be open as well. It's a busy part of the arrondissement, while you'll find the rest pretty dead in the evenings and on Sundays. Do not miss a stroll on Rue Cler. A feast for the eyes (flowers, fruit, vegetables, seafood, etc.).

        I recommend you also read the recent thread 'Sunday meals in the 7th?'

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          Just got back to check on responses. Thanks for the great ideas!


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          October is a busy month with all the fashion shows etc. You must reserve everywhere; Cafe Constant is the one exception in that area. It is a good spot for a light meal or salad; tables turn rapidly so the wait should be short.

      2. I think that Le P'tit Troquet, on rue de l'Exposition, is open on Sundays. Reasonable prices, friendly staff, and solid bistro cooking with a Basque-Bearnais accent.

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          Le P'tit Troquet is exactly the type of bistrot (small and family run) closed on Sundays!
          Not only that, it's also closed for Saturday and Monday lunch.

          Since it's so tiny, a reservation is an absolute must.

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            Do forgive my horrendous faux pas. It's been a year or so since I've been there, and I thought it had been on a Sunday.

          2. re: Kelly

            Despite the limited hours of operation, le P'tit Troquet was delightful and I would strongly recommend it to visitors. It is definitely easy to miss because it is so small (I walked past it twice trying to find it!) but it is oozing with charm and the food was lovely (I went this past June). Reservations are a must, however, and I wouldn't recommend it to those who mind restaurants limited to confined spaces! Delightful dining experience.

          3. La Fontaine de Mars, rue Saint-Dominique, a forever reliable bistrot. And next door, the Constant connections. Other days: don't miss the small and crowded l'Ami Jean that has some of the most exceptional food in town -- I'll have dinner there over les Ambassadeurs any time!

            1. Well for a special occasion, Le Jules Vernes (the restaurant in the eiffel tower) is open on Sunday.

              If you want something less grand but very traditional there is always Thoumieux.

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              1. re: Brunella

                Just don't order the prix-fixe at Thoumieux; cheap but yuck. La Fontaine de Mars is OK, nothing special, certainly not a "destination" restaurant. Other days, try Les Clos des Gourmets, Leo le Lion and Florimond. Souphie is right on with L'Ami Jean; seating is elbow-to-elbow. Good luck!

                1. re: Oakglen

                  You are so right about Thoumieux. And the stuff you order off the carte is just average to good and priced such that you could easily walk a little further down St Dominique and eat at Violon d' Ingres for about the same.

              2. My wife and I like Bistro de Breteuil @ the Breteuil circle directly south of Napolean's Tomb. Reservations required 0145670727. The food is a good value, but not excellent. The choices are broad and the desserts are great. Why we spend our last nights at this restaurant is because the place is always packed with people having a good time. Most are people from the surrounding apartments, who eat there often. The area is well to do and the people are international and very interesting. The tables are so close you become friends with neighbors and fall into easy conversation. We can see ourselves living comfortably with these people.