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Mar 26, 2008 10:40 AM

March Madness Midtown

looking for suggestions on where to watch the games? prefer midtown east but flexible. what are some suggestions on bars? good tv's? good food? thanks.

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  1. The easiest place would be ESPN Zone but that is Midtown West in Times Square. Plasma TVs everywhere; in the loo, all over the walls, etc.

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    1. re: BlueHerons

      thanks. looking for something a little more everyday not so generic i guess. some friends are going to public house and others like ship of fools. just trying to get some new ideas on places to go.

      1. re: mch

        Well, the Bruins will be at Ship of fools for Thursday's game. and tentatively for sat's as well.

    2. Stout, Hairy Monk, Dewey's Flatiron, XII (bar 12) or check out for more ideas.

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      1. re: steeltowngrl

        i live above the hairy monk, funny. i've been to all the other's except deweys. i guess us hounders frequent the same spots. bar 12 does have a good set up with tv's but the crowd can be hit or miss. thanks for your help.

        1. re: mch

          Yeah, I've spent the past many years in search of the perfect sports/sports-like bar where you can just roll up minutes before a game, find a good seat and get some food. I haven't found it yet.

          1. re: mch

            Ahh... the quest for thi never ends! The Mad Hatter has a great TV set up for watching the games but the food is less than stellar I'm sure you probably know.

            I really dislike Dewey's. Something about the set up isn't that great.

            1. re: roze

              most of the bars on 3rd ave in the 20's/30's have a great tv set ups. problem is the food is just ok and the crowd can be iffy at times. i can't bash the n'hood as i've been a resident of the strip for over 3yrs. if you can catch vertigo on a quiet nite it is good for a game i guess.

              1. re: mch

                Agreed. I have lived near the area for over 6 years now and we still cant figure out a fricken place to watch the games! I'mplanning to go to Hill Country Tonight to watch the early games at the downstairs bar. Too bad they have a band starting at 9:00....

        2. I like watching sports at the bar at Blue Smoke--but of course its not a sports bar so you are the whim of the bartenders when it comes to which game they are showing and its only going to be one, so it may not be ebst for March Madness. Great for Mets games though...