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Mar 26, 2008 10:29 AM

Looking for good pizza or good bar/food around the fillmore or marina

I will be at the Fillmore this weekend and was wondering if anyone can give me some good recomendations for some decent places to eat/drink around the Fillmore Auditorium. Also, will be staying at a motel on Lombard street, so any recomendations around that area would be great. Just looking for a casual place or Pizza that has a good bar/food.


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  1. Harry's (a bar with decent food) is decent bar food, about 4 blocks north of The Fillmore. There's Pizza Inferno that's a little closer but no liquor--wine & decent beer selection.

    On Lombard there's Amici's and a host of other somewhat tourist focused restaurants. If you're looking for a burger you can go to Barney's, for pretty cheap seafood/asian-mexican fusion (I can't think of another way to describe it) you should check out Pacific Catch. Both of these places are on Chestnut a block N. of Lombard. If you're looking for any food or drink I'd recommend just walking up & down Chestnut til you find what you're looking for. Hope this helps, enjoy the show!