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Mar 26, 2008 10:09 AM

How is Wolfgang's steak?

My husband and I have been to Peter Luger's (awesome) and Keen's (pretty good). How does Wolfgang's compare? And which sides are best?

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  1. I haven't been to Wolfgang, but DH prefers it to Luger's.

    1. Wolfgang's is solid and close to PL. Usual sides are good (creamed spinach, hash browns etc.). Definitely get the bacon as well.

      I've only been to midtown, not tribeca

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      1. re: harrison

        The steak is flat out awesome. However, you never sit within 30 min of your reservation.

      2. Great steak. As good as Lugar's. Long wait to be seated, though. Ben and Jack's is as good and the wait is shorter. Plus Wolfgang's midtown feels a little claustrophobic.

        1. I ate at the Tribeca location Saturday w/BF and we liked it. We had steak for 2 and it came out medium as we ordered. The sides are somewhat basic and traditional, but tasty nonetheless. We had the baked potato, sauteed spinach and broccoli. I had a nice house Merlot. We had a nice table by the windows up front, the tribeca location is rather spacious for a NYC restaurant, no crammed feeling at all. In sum, we will return.

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          1. re: Ora

            I'm a big steak eater, and Wolfgang's is one of my top choices. Great steak, and the German potatoes are also fantastic.

            The low ceilings make the Park Ave location a little claustrophobic, and very, very noisy. I prefer the more low-key Tribeca branch.

            1. re: mjh5821

              I've eaten at the Tribeca location at least half a dozen times. The steak has been consistently very good, and definitely a cut above PLs. The last few times I went to Luger's I was very disappointed. Wolfgang's atmosphere is good, too. Very spacious.