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Mar 26, 2008 10:09 AM

Curing Cabinet?

i would like to do some more cured meats like i used to at my old house...trouble is, my new place doesn't have a nice dark spot with a steady temperature. does anyone know where i can get a cabinet that is temperature controlled? i don't need a smoker, i already built one outdoors for hot and cold smoke, but i need something that i can hang salume, beef, and maybe a couple of hams and keep it temperature controlled?

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  1. Cant' remember the website, but one guy doing homemade bresaola built his own with a small refrigerator, a vaporizer, and some sensors to keep the temperature and humidty adjusted.. haven't seen retail home curing units around...

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      This sounds like the same guy, he gives directions & sources for making the equipment. He is amazingly detailed & generous in sharing his experiences/experiments! Great site.

    2. There's always a wine refrigerator/cooler. Many, many options are available - most have temperature controls, some have humidity controls. Of course the fancier you go, the pricer it gets... This type of storage would even allow you to have shelves to either place items on or hang items from the shelves.

      I'm not sure where he got it, but there's a local chef who has a large "cheese cave" for lack of a better term. They age cheese at very specific temps and humidity levels. The restaurant is called Woodfire Grill. The chef's name is Michael Tuohy and to top it all off, he cures his own meats for the restaurant as well. He's very well respected here in the Atlanta area. The chef has a blog as well. I believe his contact info is there and he'd be happy to help you out. Remember we're talking about a medium to high end restaurant here so be prepared to throw down some major cash if you follow his lead. I'd be willing to bet the cost is well into the thousands for one of these coolers.

      1. I cure my own meats and use a chest freezer on a temperature controller. I bought this setup for fermenting homebrew, but lately have been curing pancetta, bacon, salami, guanciale, etc... I've also use to age beef and it make a nice wine/beer cellar at the same time. I found a massive chest freezer on craigslist for $100 and a temperature controller from a homebrew supplier or McMaster-Carr runs about $50. If you have the space it's incredibly useful, and the top makes a nice clean workspace. Humidity can sometimes be high, but with a fan and some Dririte I've gotten it down below 50%. It's a good setup with lots of adaptable uses for a small investment. Good Luck!