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Mar 26, 2008 09:58 AM

Need fine dining near Staples Center

Am traveling on business tomorrow to LA and need a good place to eat within walking distance (~1mile or so) from the Staples Center.

Any cuisine is fine and prefer to have a decent wine selection.

Any ideas is are appreciated.

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    1. Roy's Hawaiian, at 8th & Figueroa. I can't comment specifically on their wine list, though, since I usually get a cocktail instead of wine.

      1. Water Grill might be worth the walk.

        Water Grill
        544 South Grand, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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        1. re: JAB

          Agree that Water Grill is the best restaurant downtown, but that's a pretty long walk (by LA standards at least).

          1. I would do Roy's with no clear second.

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            1. re: aventinus

              I would recommend Roy's also. The wine list is decent, and there are some surprisingly good choices by the glass.

              Arnie Morton's is just a block further up Figueroa -- between 8th and 7th. I've nerver looked at its wine list, but with the steak emphasis, I'm pretty sure it has some good reds.

              1. re: Jwsel

                I second water grill and arnie morton's.