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Mar 26, 2008 09:35 AM

White Lily Flour

Does anyone still carry it, I know Surfas does not and I would really love to bake some cookies with the All Purpose or try their bread flour.

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  1. Call Williams Sonoma...


    1. Several months ago, I decided to learn to make good biscuits (see ), and so spent some time looking for a local source for White Lily products. I came up dry, and eventually ended up buying online here: . You have to buy two bags of flour (you can mix and match with regular, self rising, cornmeal, etc.), and with shipping, it's not exactly a great deal, but it's not so expensive as to be prohibitive either. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did finding a place in LA that stocks this; sure seems like there'd be sufficient demand.

      Hope this is of some help.

      1. It's very unfortunate that White Lily low-protein flour is no longer available in Southern California. According to Surfas, the large corporation that owns White Lily decided to stop distributing it on the West Coast. However, for $10 you can get any combination of **two** 5-lb. bags of their flour or cornmeal at the site referenced above. If you love real biscuits, it's worth all this effort.

        1. The original comment has been removed