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Mar 26, 2008 09:16 AM

This year's James Beard Awards [moved from CA board]

Thought you all might want to check out the awards in all categories at this link...

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  1. What happened to Thomas Keller? Not nominated for outstanding restaurateur?

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      1. re: ChefJune

        yes - can you not win it more than once?

    1. I notice that was nominated for Website Focusing on Food etc. Kudos.

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      1. re: fmed

        Congratulations Jane Goldman and good luck!

        1. re: shesallthat

          Wow! That is fantastic! Congratulations, chow (and Jane)!


      2. Wow, good for Chow. And good for Fritz Maytag.

        So why do they have a separate category for asian cookbooks? Why does that not fall under "international"? Seems odd...

        1. Kudos to Frank Stitt (Best Chef in America) and Chris Hastings (regional) for their nominations!!! Go Birmingham!!

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          1. re: gyp7318

            I missed that about Stitt somehow! Loved his cookbook.

          2. hey guys, i posted to lth about james beard last week, and didn't hear from anyone. wondering if chow can help me out.

            my post:

            "my friend noted that Dan Barber is a co-chair chef for the 08 gala reception and was also nominated for outstanding 08.


            do they choose the gala chefs for 08 far in advance of nominating? is this overlap a common event? does being co-chair mean they have any sort of influence over the nomination process?

            forgive my ignorance."

            i stand by the request for forgiveness of my ignorance :-)

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            1. re: kathleen rose

              The gala chefs aren't necessarily chosen way before the nomination, but long enough. (Barber and Odessa Piper, the organizers of the reception this year, obviously got the heads-up earlier.) It is done independently of the awards. And the gala chefs have no more say in the nominating process than anyone else - it's the regional chairs who have the most sway, I believe..