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Mar 26, 2008 08:59 AM

Greenwald Caterers: Opinions?

I'll be away for Pesach at a hotel catered by Greenwald. Trying to know what to expect.

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  1. i remember going to the NJ NCSY winter regional converntion a few times and it was catered by them. echhhhhh it was dreck. a couple of years later my yeshiva was having a weekend shabbaton in a hotel also in NJ, i was not happy that they chose greenwald. then i got there. WOW everything was beautiful, and the food was plentiful, heimish and DELICIOUS. i have since been to many affairs catered by them, and i would highly recommend them. i'm sure for pesach they will do a superb job.

    i guess you get what you pay for (and NCSY must not have been paying much)

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      I have been to several weddings catered by Greenwald and they have catered a number of our shul's annual dinners. Food has always been good. Was at a wedding recently, and their prime rib at the dinner was outstanding, which is usually tough to do when you're serving 500+ people and not knowing exactly when dinner will go out.
      Would not use their catering at NCSY as a benchmark.

    2. Don't know which hotel you're going to for Pesach...if it's the Nevele, I would say the food is fair...there are some dishes which are superb and others that aren't worth the calories! As someone who's been going to the Nevele since before Greenwald came on board, I think most ppl preferred the previous caterers. But nothing has been awful!
      Some years there have been complaints about slow service/food arriving cold but don't know if that's the fault of Greenwald or the wait staff. Also I heard this yr that breakfast and lunch will be buffet so that may eliminate the issue.

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          don't remember...may have been Prestige for a couple of years before Greenwald took over.

        2. re: sanekosher

          Yes, I'm off to the Nevele and a bit apprehensive about both the hotel (visit and you will understand why) and the caterer.

          Any advice about either will be appreciated, e.g. which dishes to avoid and which to pursue, etc.