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Mar 26, 2008 08:41 AM

lunch near Alewife T station

Taking a new collegue out for a "welcome" lunch . Need recs for places fairly close by to this area as time will be a little tight. Not fancy, but solid food in an enjoyable atmosphere where we can have a conversation. Will also have a vegetarian with us.

Unfortunately we are not the type of office that goes out alot for lunch so I don't know the area and I am sure there are some hidden gems. Anytime we do go out its usually to Henrietta's Table, which is always good but this time wanted to try something new.

Thanks for your help !

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  1. There is a Bertucci's right in the station... Summer Shack is half a block away. There is also a nice Mexican restaurant, perhaps a 5-10 minute walk down Rindge - Jose's, I think.

    If you have car, Za, in East Arlington, is good for lunch - cool pizzas and salads.

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      At Summer Shack, if you want a quieter spot for conversation, ask to be seated in the balcony. The real "shack" area with picnic tables can get noisy.

    2. If you want something more elaborate, perhaps Flora in East Arlington.. there are also a couple of good places in Belmont Center, which is just a few minutes up Concord Ave - sushi, I think, and a Thai place that are nice sit-down joints.

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        Check in with Gran Gusto. I believe they are open for lunch and if so, they would be your best bet.
        Gran Gusto is over on Sherman only 1 or 2 miles from Alewife. Head down Concord towards Harvard Square and take a left on Walden, then a Left on Sherman Street.

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          I love Gran Gusto, but here's a caveat. They're the total opposite of fast food, so they may not be your first choice if time is tight. Haven't been there for lunch, though.

      2. A short drive to Arlington will take you to Zocalo, pretty decent Tex Mex spot and Thai Moon, excellent curries and stir fry noodle dishes.

        1. For some really exceptional food try Kathmandu Spice (3 min drive), or Toraya (a bit further away) both in Arlington.

          1. Another suggestion--if Indian appeals, Kathmandu Spice in East Arlington has a good lunch buffet (quick), with reasonable vegetarian options (though maybe starchy, depends), and it's nice enough and quiet. Rte 2 to Lake St. to Mass Ave.