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Mar 26, 2008 08:40 AM

help! need res for ~12 ppl for bf's birthday next fri (he's vegetarian)

the restaurant should be vegetarian-friendly, and festive/roomy enough for a group of this size. preferably very good mexican, italian or thai (most veg-friendly cuisines), ideally below 14th street on the east side. moderate pricing (~$20 entrees or less) b/c some of his friends are concerned with $$.
i know it's late to expect any good tables, but i was originally thinking of la esquina, dos caminos (on park, already have bkd since it's his fave restaurant), or barrio chino for mex (also considered mercadito, la palapa - but i haven't been to either). for italian.. apizz (but pricey?), supper (haven't been), ...
also kinda out there, but a place i'm personally interested in trying - broadway east.. the new vegetarian-ish restaurant on the border of chinatown/LES..

any other ideas/input on current options would be MUCH appreciated!

thanks in advance :)

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  1. Jeeb and Kuma Inn are both terrific options for vegetarian-friendly cuisine at a very reasonable price. Mercadito is delicious, but it is not exactly cheap (though neither is Dos Caminos).

    1. I've done a dinner at Barrio Chino for that many and it worked out well--they have one table that can accommodate about 10 (or 12 if you push it).

      1. you can try Agave (in the West Village), southwestern/mexican atmosphere and good food and drinks. Large enough to accomodate that size party.