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Mar 26, 2008 08:39 AM

Hangang - New Korean in K-Town

The "grand opening" banner across the front drew me into this new addition to the Korean restaurants that dominate 32nd street. Hangang is at 34 W 32nd, across the street from Shilla. I was a little leery to see that the menu advertises "Korean Restaurant, BBQ and Sushi" - restaurants that try to do sushi and another type of food usually fail at one or both.

Not being in the mood for bbq beef or sushi, I decided to try the jaeyook gui (grilled spicy pork) and mul man doo (boiled dumplings). The dumplings were good if rather bland. The jaeyook was very good - tender and redolent of the wine in which it had been marinated. I usually prefer this dish spicier, but it was still very good. The banchan were fine - nothing special; the kimchi that was included had a subtly fishy undertaste that I particularly liked though. The menu lists many other dishes, ranging from scallion pancakes to sea weed soup to teriyakis and casseroles.

The space is a narrow hall with a high ceiling, industrial white.
4 stars for service - very gracious, smiles all around. Prices are on par with other establishments on the block.

Will be back to try more dishes.

(The website that is advertised on the takeout menu,, does not seem to be running yet.)

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  1. glad to hear your report, just walked by myself last night and the place looked packed (well, relatively packed; lines still out the door at kunjip) but, handsome looking place. the menu is the typical expansive fare, wondering if other "hits" or "must-haves" will start circulating; anyone have inside knowledge? I will probably go sometime next week and will report back.

    1. my gf and i went here today...we were going to ktown anyhow and then i remembered this review, so we decided to try it. It's actually a pretty nice place, kind of similar decor to ma dang sui, but slightly brighter

      We weren't in the mood for bbq and ive never had good sushi at a korean place, so we got the following:
      - kimchi pajun (kimchi pancake): this was good, it was nice and crispy, not too starchy like alot of places make recommend this
      - mae un kalbi tang (spicy kalbi soup): this was alright nothing special mainly b/c the broth was too watery, i mean it had fine flavor, but was too watery
      - yook gae jang (spicy beef soup): this was just ok as well, it was fine, but it wasn't nearly spicy or flavorful enough (a good version is very flavorful and spicy)
      - banchan - the banchan were very solid (they had a good variety and all were fresh and excellent)

      i feel like this place has potential b/c there were sparks of good food (banchan and kimchee pajun), but i need to go try a few different things before i can make a real judgment

      1. I tried this place twice in the past two weeks. once because i noticed that it was new and wanted to try it, and another time because it seemed to be much less crowded than others on the block on a wednesday night.

        the first time i tried something id never seen anywhere else before (even in korea) which was (i forget the exact name) something like "go chu sam kyup sal cchigae" or spicy pepper pork stew. it was interesting only because id never seen it before - as the name suggest its a chigae with sam kyup sal with a go chu chang based soup - but it wasn't very tasty.

        on the second try i had the mae eun gal bi tang (spicy beef rib soup). as lau noted it wasn't terrible, but bland.

        overall i rate hangang equally with all of the other bland generic "all-purpose" korean restaurants on 32nd street.