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May 15, 2002 03:22 PM

West Covina lunch places

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Anyone know of any good lunch places in W. Covina? I will be there tomorrow and need to kill 4 hours (hopefully some of the time having lunch). I'd like to go to a place where it won't be awkward that I'm eating by myself...

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  1. I think House of Louie is still at 128 N. Grand, steps off the San Bernardino Fwy., serving dim sum at lunch. It's been almost 25 years since House of Louie first set up shop in Monterey Park as one of the pioneer Hong Kong style restaurants in the L.A. area. Obviously it's not a pioneer any more, but the times I've been there I've been quite satisfied.

    1. There's a branch of the old standby Claro's Italian Market in the quaint downtown section on 322 Glendora Ave. They have a sinful selection of your typical Italian charcuterie, so your sandwich options are dizzying. There is no seating inside, but you can grab a bench outside and not look the least bit conspicuous.