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Mar 26, 2008 08:28 AM

Sunday Dinner, Rittenhouse Square, with child

Friends are coming into Philadelphia this weekend with their 2 year old, and we want to find a place for dinner within walking distance of Rittenhouse Square. I've searched the board and am wondering if there are more recent recommendations. I would prefer to make reservations (for an early dinner, say 5:30) so I know I'm all set, so am abandoning plans to try a place like Rouge, which will not take them. I'd prefer something on the casual side. Here's what I've thought of (and nixed) so far. No specific food likes/dislikes.

Matyson (closed Sunday, which is a shame, I was hoping to try this)

Gioia Mia (reviews on Chow do not seem positive, not sure I want to try. I do not see these friends often and want to make sure food is good).

20 Manning (we've had bad experiences here and would not want to go back).

Any help most appreciated.


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  1. I'm thinking Continental Midtown might be a good idea, easy to find child pleasing items, they open at 5 I think, not sure if they take reservations. However, both there & Rouge might be fine on a Sunday if you go early. Pietros is another option that would work.