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Mar 26, 2008 08:21 AM

cafe in central square?

hi all
does anyone know the name of that fairly new cafe in central square-- for a long time, there was a cafe there, then it shut down, and this one has opened. it's on the cambridgeport side of mass ave, behind that big church on the corner of magazine and western.

also, has anyone been there? is it worth a visit?


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  1. Are you talking about the place with the huge sign for BBQ in neon or somewhere else?

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    1. re: gini

      i know the place you mean-- that's not what i was thinking of. this place is on a corner- it might be the corner of magazine and franklin, or magazine and green. for a long time it was a cafe - i think they also had ethiopian snacks/sweets, and then it was shut for a few years. it's recently reopened, it has downstairs and upstairs seating.

      1. re: littlelady

        Do you mean
        Andala Coffee House
        286 Franklin Street
        Cambridge, MA 02139
        (617) 945-2212

    2. Cafe Baraka or Barada. I ate there a few days ago. Very pleasant service, nice quiet atmosphere. Middle Eastern food. I had an avocado pressed wrap with some marinated carrots. My green tea could have been better. It was not loose and the presentation could be improved. Great place for a book or a chat.


      1. Is it Cafe Andala? In the brick building with a blue sign outside? If so, go--it's very good. Middle Eastern food (salads platters, hummus), freshly squeezed juices, Arabic coffee (haven't tried it), and good regular coffee. Also a nice bright place to sit and work.

        1. It's definitely Andala you're referring too. It opened just over a year ago and is considerably better than most cafes and worth your business.

          Free wifi too, and in summer you can take hookah on the patio.

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