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Mar 26, 2008 08:06 AM

Breville Smart Toaster: "The Answer"?

A deep ongoing and long-running (since 1997 or so) theme of this site has been the agonizing dearth of toasters that toast with any friggin' aplomb at all.

New candidate:

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  1. For £60 it should butter the bloody toast. lol

    Just thinking about that post though, maybe a half-solution....

    Why not just decide on the setting you prefer for your toaster and then time how long it takes for your toast to 'burn' to the required blackness....

    On second thoughts, wack it on max and time how long it takes for your toast to get to how you like it, then hey presto - perfect toast

    Will be an ickle bit trial and error, but still.....

    1. I saw it in the magazine, love the idea of it. The countdown lights, the "A bit more" button, the button that lets you check the doneness without killing the cycle. But for me, for 6x the price, no. I just don't use it enough or care enough. For others, who were eyeing up products at or near that price anyway (and there is company in that price range), it could be worth a look.

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      1. re: CrazyOne

        CrazyOne, you may have missed the previous decade of flesh-rending on this, but the issue is that none of us can seem to find a toaster that makes good toast. There are compromise solutions, and errant reports of toaster happiness by folks who dare not dream of greatness, but no toaster that just does it RIGHT.

        I love toast. At this point, there's sort of no price I wouldn't pay. So it's not for the's for the hope.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          I'm sure I missed some of it, but I understand that. Well, sorta. Personally I'm willing to accept merely mediocre toast for 1/5 or less the cost. ;-) I have a $20 Oster from Costco.

          But for those searching for the ultimate toasting machine I suppose it's a contender. That said, with its emphasis on the nifty gadgets, I wouldn't necessarily get your hopes up too high. Although seriously, why should such a thing cost well over 100 bucks and not be able to toast evenly, properly, on the first try? We accept that sort of limitation in a cheap product, but it's not acceptable here. And yet time and time again, we hear that even $200 Dualits don't necessarily work well in some folks' eyes.

          Here's hoping this is the answer. But, given the last decade, I kinda doubt it. And anyway, how often is anything THE answer to a problem? More often than not all we ever get is the best compromise. But by all means, keep searching for toaster nirvana. ;-)

          1. re: CrazyOne

            "Personally I'm willing to accept merely mediocre toast for 1/5 or less the cost"

            You, sir, are the problem!

          2. re: Jim Leff

            My question is - was there ever a "perfect" toaster? Because if there was then I don't think high-tech bells and whistles are the answer.

            1. re: jzerocsk

              First of all, the bar's pretty low. By "perfect", I mean a toaster that smoothly/evenly and consistently cooks toast to the desired brownness.

              Agreed, the bells and whistles are irrelevant. But a toaster that does the above is going to be entirely different from current'll either be extremely retro or extremely cutting-edge. So when I see cutting edge toasters, I always hope that amid the whiz-bang features, there's been reinvention of the basics, as well.

              1. re: Jim Leff

                Hm, I just wandered over to the Breville site to see if they had more of a writeup than the Wired piece. Nothing yet. But I did see their lesser model toaster there. The new one doesn't have much in the way of features over this one, although it appears that the toast is raised and lowered at the touch of a button instead of a lever. And the "a bit more" button. That's about it. Otherwise, this $60 unit looks to have the same thing. I wouldn't expect a big difference in the toasting mechanisms, but it's hard to say right now. Reviews of this current model average to 4 stars on Amazon, but in quick glance there are numerous comments about uneven toasting

                And yes, I am the problem. ;-) I have this one

                Reviews are really hopeless when you're looking for consistent toast. So many get hooked on the design and features and are resigned to the fact that all toasters are inconsistent in browning.

              2. re: jzerocsk

                My sister has my grandmother's toaster - must be over 50 years old now - cloth cord and all - I covet that thing - perfect toast every time, no bells or whistles. Can't remember the brand though.

          3. At home we have a perfectly good 4 slice toaster which is green, but our kitchen is now mainly white appliances - kettle, cooker, microwave - and my Mum 'wanted one to match', but the toaster hell that she bought to replace afformentioned toaster is a two piece thing, but get this...... it isn't even deep enough to fit a whole slice of bread in, so you have to turn it around to make sure the top and bottom are done, the result of this is technicolour toast.... not impressed MUMMY :'(. come back from uni and poooooooooo toast

            Anyway chowers I was pleased to find out that she hadn't threw out 'toaster heaven', just put it in the cupboard, it's now back on the worktop and 'toaster hell (although if it were hell it would at least do my chuffin' toast)' is going in the bin if I have my way.

            Suddenly that £60 toaster doesn't look so expensive......

            1. I'd think long and hard before forking over the $ for this toaster. I recently purchased the Ikon and am disappointed in its uneven results.

              1. We have been using our new 4-slice Breville smart toaster for a week, and it is indeed toaster nirvana. Perfect results with bagels and english muffins. More entertaining to watch than TV. Not sure we would have spent $179 on a toaster had we not received a Williams-Sonoma gift card, but this thing is a Rolls-Royce!

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                1. re: whs

                  We have had the new 4 slice Breville toaster for about a month.
                  It is cheaper at Best Buy.
                  It wasn't the money, but we have had terrible luck with toasters breaking.
                  My Cuisinart toaster died in less than two years.
                  I do like the high tech buttons, and more importantly, it toasts evenly.