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Mar 26, 2008 08:04 AM

Need help remembering name of Restaurant in Baltimore's Little Italy

About 7 years ago on a trip to Baltimore my husband and I ventured into historic Little Italy. We had lunch at a little place that had the best bolognese I have ever tasted. I believe the recipe used mostly veal, the pasta was very thin and I remember eating the entire bowl. And that never happens.

The restaurant was quaint, quite old in appearance—no granite, stylized exposed kitchen there. Traveling east it would be on the south side of the street, close to the curb, in (I think) a little brick(?) walk-up. We sat at the front window. I don't think it was terribly expensive. $100, maybe, with a bottle of wine, tax and tip.

Thanks for your help. We'd love to find it again. I hope it's still there!

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  1. hhhmm, that's a tough one. I can give you hope though, as I believe Cafe Roma is the only restaurant to close in Little Italy in about 7 years and it doesn't fit your description. So chances are, whatever place you are talking about is still there.

    If your sense of direction is correct, the only places I can think of on the south side of an east-west running street would be Boccaccio, Dalesio's or Germano's. Of the three Boccaccio has the best food by far. Germano's in on the central corner of Little Italy, the other two are on Eastern Ave.

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      We were just at Germano's a few weeks ago and it sounds like the above description. It was quite tasty, reasonably priced, ok atmosphere, good service and the wine by the bottle is half priced every night (probably a gimmick but prices were pretty good). I'd recommend it!

    2. do you think you'd remember the name if you heard it? If so, check out the list on

      If only by looks, if you have the opportunity take a stroll & hopefully you'll recognize it.

      1. I wonder if it was Ciao Bella. They are across from Amicci's and Caesar's Den on the south side of Fawn Street and you can sit in the window. The remodeled in the last couple of years. The Chef/Owner? is named Tony. We ate an average lunch there on a Sunday one time. I've only eaten at about 6 places in Little Italy and I liked Amicci's, Chiapparelli's and Cafe Gia the best, but I tend to like traditional, basic old red sauce Italian food. Cafe Gia (the new kid on the block) actually seemed a little trendy.