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Mar 26, 2008 07:57 AM

Granville Moore's - Bobby Flay's Throwdown

Not sure if this was already posted (did a quick search in these boards), but came across this blog about a Mussels & Frites Showdown that was taped at Granville Moore's!

(* I re-read the short blog and it appears that the person doing the throwdown is FROM Granville Moore's, but it was actually taped AT the Argonaut...sorry about that)

Never been to the place before, but mussels & frites sound so yummy especially during the cold windy nights we've been having here :o)

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  1. Granville Moore's is great! I love the atmosphere there. Dark, cozy, as if it has been there for years. You can enjoy delicious mussles and frites in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Also, they have a back patio open during the warmer months.

    Love the curry dip for the fries! Worth asking for an extra side!

    1. It's fantastic...
      Try it out on Monday nights when the Mussels are only $10. I really like the blue cheese ones. And beware, a Large portion of the frites is more than enough for about 5 people. It's huge. And, I'll put in my vote for the truffle aoili for the frites...

      1. More info on Endless Simmer and DC Foodies ;-)

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          A reminder about the throwdown and a review is up at Capital Spice:

        2. I happened to be there the night they filmed. My wife and I got slow service, but they comped the beers, so we didn't mind at all. Plus, the food was yummy.

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            Went there last night- and loved it-the atmosphere is unique, authentically old, cozy- the perfect place to eat the most delicious mussels & frites you will EVER have. Too bad it is not metro-accessible and hard to find the place in a car. But what a fun & delicious way to spend an evening. The brownie for dessert was good, too, by the way. GREAT PLACE!!!