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Mar 26, 2008 07:49 AM

Best Restaurant Chili?

My family and I are road-tripping through much of the state in early summer. Any suggestions for where to stop to get an authentic bowl of Texas chili? (I know this is a broad question -- but we're winging it with our RV, with little agenda -- would love to know what restaurants/roadside stands to check out so my husband can get his spicy-food fix.)


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  1. If you are roadtripping through Dallas/Fort Worth, I have heard some good thing about the chili at Tolbert's on Main Street in Downtown Grapevine, TX. I personally have not tried it but my very picky friend said it was good and he gets it every time. I trust it is good if he likes it.

    1. Chili in Texas is more of a home cookin' thing. I'd look to see if there are any Chili cook-offs or county fares near where you'll be. And if anyone serves you chili with beans or spaghetti or any other nonsense in it, throw it right back in their face, the Texas way (only kidding). There is supposed to be some place in San Antonio, on the river, that has the best chili, maybe someone else will know.

      Side note: Frito corn chips, cheese, possibly onion, jalapeno and sour cream are acceptable additions.

      1. Buck and Ozzys on Hwy 46 just east of Hwy 281 has good chili. Apparently Buck was a Chili champ at one time and now does BBQ and chili his establishment. BBQ is good also just ask for extra sauce (never enough). You can read a review of Buck and Ozzys on

        1. sike101 had a great idea about attending a chili cook-off. But not only attend, ask if they need judges for the cook-off. Many times there is a lot more chili than judges. You'll get an opportunity to taste a variety of Texas' best and worst.

          1. i like houston's chili, its semi spicy, and chunky. only served on saturdays though.