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May 15, 2002 12:31 PM

Ginza Sushi-Ko moving to NYC

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from today's NY times

"Next year, Masa Takayama will close Ginza Sushi-Ko, his restaurant in Beverly Hills, and move it to the AOL-Time Warner Center in New York. "There is only one of me," he said. "I have been in L.A. more than 20 years, and I want something new." Ginza Sushi-Ko will share the center's fourth floor with the French Laundry and Jean-Georges Vongerichten's steakhouse. In Beverly Hills, dinner is $300 a person. In New York, lunch will be $300 and dinner $400 to $500."

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  1. I have only very limited sushi experience in NYC (one time, in fact). Do those who have more experience with it notice any significant difference in the quality of the available fish from the Left to the Right Coast? I can't imagine that Takayama-san hasn't considered this, but I do wonder if he can get the best of the best from the markets to which he has access. Maybe when he is who he is, the markets will come to him. Thoughts, anyone?

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      I heard that he gets all his fish from Tokyo, so it may be irrelevant to him to move to NY if that is true.

    2. bummer... :(

      1. $300 for lunch? Holy Smokes, I thought we were in an economic downturn!