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Mar 26, 2008 07:42 AM

Looking for Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Seattle this weekend?

Hi we will be in Seattle this weekend for the Springsteen show. We are heading up for Portland on Saturday and would like some ideas on places to eat in Seattle over the weekend.

We are looking for fun and interesting lunch and breakfast spots for Saturday and Sunday morning. Somewhere fairly high end for dinner on Saturday not too far from the Key Arena if possible. One of Tom Douglas' places are of intrest but I always listen to the advice of the chowhounds.


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  1. Peso's over on Queen Anne Ave might make a good b'fast choice.

    I've wondered about Crow, which is a nice upscale place near the Key. Anyone have anything to say about Crow?

    Another place near the Key that I like that might work for lunch is Racha. It's Thai, but a little more upscale and less greasy than a lot of places.

    1. In Lower Queen Anne, good dinner options are: Moxie, Veil and Crow. I rarely hear Shiki mentioned but it's a very good Japanese restaurant on Roy St. If you want to head up the hill to Upper Queen Anne, try How to Cook a Wolf. Personally, I'd walk west to Western and Denny and have dinner at Boat St Cafe.

      For breakfast, I'm a sucker for the Mecca, great bacon. Peso's brunch is good, I don't like that place at night though, it's a meat market.

      And Racha is fine if a little expensive, I think Tup Tim Thai is better.

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        I didn't think of Boat Street, but I'd second that as a very good dinner choice!