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Mar 26, 2008 07:27 AM

Healthy (and upscale)?

I know it's bordering on blasphemy to go looking for healthy-ish food in New Orleans restaurants, but I have a hard time believe there isn't a single upscale restaurant in town with lighter, american/continental cuisine as its focus. Where is it??

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  1. you'll have a hard time finding a restaurant whose entire menu is light, but you'll have no trouble finding light options on virtually every menu. for example, nearly every menu has a grilled fish. sure, some will be topped with cream- or butter-based sauces, but you can ask for that on the side or entirely removed.

    that said, if i had to name a single upscale restaurant with a healthy-ish menu, i would go with lilette. and i'd recommend the grilled beets appetizer and one of the fish entrees.

    1. For seafood, GW Fins (in the Quarter) is another option.

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        I'm sorry, but I do not do "healthy." Just ask my Cardiologist. Still, Fins would be my first thought. Also, Chef Frank Brigtsen does a lot of more health conscious "seafood platter," than most are used to.

        Reminds me of a dinner for 13 at Commander's, some years (decades) ago. One guest asked the waitperson if there was a "Healthmark" menu. Her reply was, "Dawling, we're in New Orleans. There is no such thing as a Healthmark menu... " Still, times have changed. Even my wife, a NOLA native, was looking for dishes without butter on a fairly recent trip.