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Mar 26, 2008 07:21 AM

"Marteka" in downtown Miami?

Saw an episode of After Hours w/ Daniel last night with Cindy Hutson from Ortanique. In the episode, they went shopping in downtown Miami at a huge outdoor market that they called called "the marteka" (probably butchered the spelling there) or something like that. Lots of fresh produce. Anyone know anything about this? Is it open to the public or is it more mass quantities for restaurants?

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  1. The produce market is not in downtown Miami -- it's at NW 12th Avenue between 20th and 29th Streets. Some of the vendors there will sell in small quantities.

    I buy much of my produce from Miami Joe (he's parked at NW 29th Street and NW 1st Avenue in the Parking Lot of the Rubell Collection in the afternoons except Sundays-- they graciously allow him to park there). He procures his produce at the market -- when I want a special order (like a case of georgia peaches) I pay him and he gets it for me.

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      There is a Farmer's Market Thursdays in Downtown Miami at about 200 Biscayne Blvd... Check it out tomorrow.


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        Are you talking about the small market at Bayside that started up about 2 years or so ago? Ive been to that before and it wasnt much different than the one in the Grove or Gables. The one I saw on TV was much different and could be what karmalaw was referring to. Besides, I work and the market is likely closed by the time Im out and headed home... :(

        Karmalaw - So its probably better for me, a single guy, to head to Miami Joe because the big market wont likely cater to my small quantity need?

        Thanks both of you for the info :)

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          it depends upon what you're looking for.. his prices are markedly better than at any of the stores. But he may or may not have a huge selection day by day. He's always been happy to fill special orders for me IF I buy in quantity and prepay. The best bonus is that he and his wife are genuinely NICE -- I feel much better buying from them than from a corporation.

          I confess, I do cheat on him occasionally with the vendor that drives through my neighborhood.