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Mar 26, 2008 06:20 AM


Any recommendations on what to get for dinner here? Is the carpaccio any good?

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  1. I think the apps, pizzas, and pastas are better than the entrees. Favorites are sausage app, arancini app, capicola pizza, cherry tomato salad, and any of the pastas. Of the entrees, the cioppino is probably my favorite. Contorni are huge, though the fries don't make my best-of list; love the broccoli rabe. I just wish they'd mix that menu up a bit more; it has remained almost unchanged since they opened.

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      Once again Slim hits the nail on the head. We used to live across the street from Stella and ate there often... most of the time we'd just order a bunch of apps and a pizza. The carpaccio is very good, I also like the crudo misto (raw seafood platter), but whatever you do, make sure you get the arancini (risotto balls). They're the best I've had in Boston by a mile.

      As far as entrees, the Cioppino is my favorite as well, though the pastas are homemade and quite good.

      1. I haven't been back in quite a while but the bolognese was one of my favorites in Boston.

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          I second the of the best.

        2. Definitely go for the carpaccio of tuna and salmon as an app - basically a structured sashimi plate but very well presented.
          Agree that the cioppino is very good - I recall it being a bit spicy, which is a bit different

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            Stella Restaurant
            1525 Washington St., Boston, MA 02118