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Mar 26, 2008 06:12 AM

Celestial Restaurant in Taipei

I travel to Taipei once every year and I always make sure I visit the Celestial Restaurant. The restaurant is usually busy with both local clients and Japanese tourists. If you enjoy the Northern Chinese cuisine, this place may be worh a try. Besides the signature Peking Duck three-way, the Sea Cucumber dish is probably the best that I have ever had everywhere else. The silky texture and the subtle flavor have always been consistently prepared. I enjoyed it quite a bit myself, and thought I shared this place with other fellow Chowhound readers if they find themselves in Taipei and looking for a place to eat.

Celestial Restaurant
3, 4th fl, 1 Nanking West Road, Taipei

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  1. This place is indeed great - has been there forever, ate there last year after a 25-year absence from Taipei - their northern dian xin on weekends is a treat (difficult to find anything of the sort in NYC).