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Mar 26, 2008 05:18 AM

An Hour and a Half Today at 19th & 9th

I'm going to have an hour and a half to "kill" in this area while the dog gets groomed. Last time I had lunch at Bergamote, and also checked out the butcher one block north, which was wonderful and I plan to stop in today. I'll explore, but also wondered if anyone had suggestions of markets etc. that I shouldn't miss, or that are worth a visit and perhaps a place where I could have a quick lunch on my own.


Edit - I might head down to Chelsea Market and check out Buon Italia ...

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  1. Chelsea Market:

    You can get lunch and shop there. Here's a recent thread:

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    1. re: quentin

      Thanks - I am interested in checking out Buon Italia, but have been generally less than impressed w/ Chelsea Market on previous visits. Do you know of any interesting little stores elsewhere along that 9th Ave. stretch?

    2. Definitely stop by Billy's Bakery for a slice of banana cake. With this gorgeous weather you could sit outside on the bench while you have your cake and coffee.

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      1. re: JungMann

        Ooh - thanks for that - I keep hearing about that place ... banana bread for lunch ...

        Billy's Bakery
        184 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

      2. Well, I first walked down to Chelsea Market and checked out Buon Italia - I was quite impressed, lots of interesting products, great prices on San Marzano tomatoes, they had guanciale, two kinds of pancetta, bottarga and much more. Since I'm going to Arthur Ave. next week, though, I didn't pick up much. Then headed to The Lobster Place and had a lobster roll for lunch - $16 - not particularly noteworthy and I wouldn't go back for one. Wide fish selection, but not all of it looked so fresh to me. I realized what I don't like about Chelsea Market - in a strange way, it seems oddly sterile to me. I'd much rather go to Di Palo or Arthur Avenue than Buon Italia for example. Very convenient though for those who live in the area.

        I then headed back up 9th Avenue, picked up two beautiful and well priced dry aged ribeye steaks at Chelsea Court, browsed in a couple of the house/tableware stores (big sale at Cafetiere), then on to Billy's. Horribly hot inside as they had to keep the door closed due to sidewalk jack hammering. Had thought about a slice of coconut cake, but the meringue icing was sliding down the sides, so went with a banana cake cupcake. I liked the cake itself, which I ate walking down the street - moist, flavorful - but the icing was a bit sweet for my liking. I still had some time to kill, so went to Bergamote for a decaf latte and two pates de fruit and sat on the bench outside with my coffee. Ate the lychee pate de fruit when I got home - very very nice. Saving the pear one for some time when I don't feel on a sugar high as I do currently!

        Thanks for all the advice.

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        1. re: MMRuth

          I'm glad your day ended on a good note. Thanks for the tip on the pates de fruit at La Bergamote. I've only had croissants before, but I'll have to expand my horizons now.

          1. re: Lucia

            I forgot to mention the bite of Fat Witch Bakery (is that right?) brownie. I was leaving Chelsea Market and could "feel" someone walking on my heels so to speak, in a rush, so I moved out of the way and she blithely walked into the bakery, picked up a toothpicked brownie sample and continued on her way! So, I had a bite as well - only half the sample - very fudge-like brownies, and I prefer cake-like ones.

            P.S. I certainly did enjoy the cupcake and did, while walking down the street, lick the icing off my fingers since I did not have napkin with me. Next time, if I have utensils, I might just eat a little less of the icing!

            1. re: MMRuth

              Ah yes, the Fatwich samples. I confess that I grab a bite whenever I'm in the market. I didn't think they were very good at first, but they've grown on me. I prefer a fudgy brownie to a cakey one, however.