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Mar 26, 2008 05:08 AM

Fantastic Restaurants in Rome?

My boyfriend and I are going to Rome for the first weekend in May and would love to find some great restaurants. Has anyone been to La Pergola? I have read good reviews and wonder whether it lives up to the hype! We were considering booking this restaurant for an early dinner after visiting Vatican City so we can enjoy the views during sunset...sound about right?

We are also looking for a great authentic Italian restaurant where we can just eat great pasta in an intimate, less formal setting. We will be there for 3 nights, so welcome any suggestions!

Here is a list I found if any of you have comments on these restaurants:

Many thanks!

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  1. Three Michelin stars is more than hype. La Pergola is excellent, as long as you feel like the whole nine yards and price to match. In early May you'll be dining indoors, not necessarily next to the window, but the dining room is lovely, so don't let that stop you. If you just want a view, go up to the Gianicolo park and look out, then have dinner at l'Antico Arco (no view).

    Your link has some great restaurants (Agata e Romeo), but mostly not. Some I don't know.

    For more traditional, classic dining I like Checchino, Paris, Monti, and La Piazzetta.

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      Hi all, i am also going to Rome in mid May. I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend in fron of the Trevi fountain but would like to go to a nice restaraunt (formal) before.

      I have seen La Pergola but does anyone have any other suggestions? I would like to be reasonably close to the Trevi fountain but dont have loads of money to spend but would like a really nice meal.

      Also, can someone give me a general idea of how much an a la carte meal for 2 would cost at the La Pergula?

      Thanks guys

    2. Be sure to do a "Search this board" search for Rome. You will find a large number of posts, with many helpful comments & recommendations, already here for you to review. Rome gets discussed quite often on this board.

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        I love Rome and love the restaurants there. I have always thought about going to la Pergola, but never made it. Rome is just so full of great little places that a three star Michelin never fits the occassion for me. Paris yes, Italian food in never really intricate enough to warrant that (with a few exceptions of course - Da's Pescare et. al) Anyway, I think when n Rome, you definitely have to check out Trastevere and its restaurants. This is were you get that typical Roman Trattoria Food. Here is my list:
        I put this list together for friends last summer. They loved every place they went.
        Via Piemonte at the end of Via Veneto
        Typical Italian Restaurant
        Real good food

        Ristorante La Rosetta
        Via della Rosetta, 8 – 00186 Tel: 06 68.61.002 - 06
        I really like this place. Small, intimate, chic, and amazing fish. Quite a few raw fish appetizers. A great place for an intimate evening.

        Ristorant Alfredo
        Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 30 tel. 06 6878734
        A must for my family since decades. Rather not very quaint, but a great place for lunch. Especially Caricioffa alla Judea (even more so w/prosciutto) and great Fettucini Alfredo which is totally different then the American rendition of it.

        Alberto Ciarla
        Piazza di S. Cosimato 40 Tel.: 06-5818668 . 5816068

        I went there only once. Ciarla is famous for his innovative fish dishes. He combines asian and Italian on his special menu. For example raw fish marinated in olive oil, fresh herbs, citrus rind and serves it over linguini. Very interesting. The digs are a bit much for my taste.

        Ristorante Sabatini In Trastevere
        Vicolo Di S. Maria In Trastevere, 23 tel06 5818307
        This is a great place on the most beautful piazza in Rome. Ask for Sylvestre and they will take care of you.
        K -

      2. Il Veliero da Carmelo, Via Monserrato 32, closed Mon, owned by Carmelo Riccioli (former owner of La Rosetta), Fish flown in daily from Sicily, T-Sa dinner & Sunday lunch.

        La Fontanella, Largo della Fontanella Borghese 86, vanilla souffle w/choc sauce,homemade pastas,grilled veggies.

        Vizi Capitali, Vicolo della Renella 94, Trastevere

        Il Pagliaccio, Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129, clsd Su

        Aperitifs at the Stravinsky Bar in Hotel de Russie followed by dinner down the street at
        Dal Bolognese, Piazza del Popolo, Antonello-head waiter, bronzini w/lemone sauce

        Costanza, Piazza Paradiso 63, Pompey's Theatre, if you love risotto--their's is divine

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          Just a quick update on La Fontanella. Was there in May '09. It ws one of the worst meals of my life. Seriously. Was with 3 friends, and all of our dishes were just horrid: not fresh, overcooked and really lacking anything positive to offer. The restaurant seems to have really slipped into a rut. The whole experience was made even worse when the bill was so outrageously high... for food we could not really even eat.

          I hope it was an off night... but really doubt that such nastiness was only a one-night misshap.

        2. Wow, thank you so much for all of your recommendations!! I'm so excited to get there. If you'll indulge another inquiry- a friend made us reservations at Il Convivio for Saturday night. Has anyone eaten there? It's got some wonderful reviews and some that are less than stellar.
          We have also just found out that we are invited to meet friends on a boat down by the marina- I have heard this is a ways out and wonder whether anyone knows any lovely restaurants there for a group of about 10.
          Thanks again for all of your wonderful advice thus far!

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            Every so often somebody reports a terrible experience at Il Convivio, but I've been going there for years and have always eaten splendidly and think the Troiani brothers do a very good job. "The marina" doesn't mean much to me. Rome isn't on the coast, but there are numerous coastal towns nearby. You need to be more specific, but yes, there are lots of good places to eat.