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Mar 26, 2008 04:52 AM

Dining in & out near Logan Circle/Penn Quarter

My husband is in town for about 6 weeks in April and May. He's not much of a cook, although he does make the effort. In sum, he'll be dining out or bringing something home each night.

On a side note: I'll be visiting for a couple of weeks and we would love to check out a few local favorites while I'm there...we're hoping to take some day trips, too, but I suppose that's for another board...

Thanks for any suggestions you can share. We are both looking forward to an extended stay in DC.

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  1. Logan Circle and Penn Quarter are sort of different beasts, and not THAT close to one another (though not far, either).

    If he's staying towards Logan Circle, there's a Whole Foods on P Street what will serve him well - good salad/hot bar, prepared food, and the other stuff WF sells.

    On 14th St for food...There is every option in the rainbow. Really. Then you eventually get to U Street if you walk a little bit, and again - every option.

    Penn Quarter, also...every...option.

    Maybe you can list what he likes, doesn't like, etc.

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      The apartment he is staying at is in Penn Quarter—I'm typing these things, but I'm not at all familiar with the locations, etc. I'm sorry. (Just checked a few websites...address is 910 M St. Some list as Penn, some Logan/Shaw or subdivision Old Town #2?)

      He'll be traveling to and from Walter Reed everyday. I can see him walking around on his way back, but I don't know how much he'll venture out after he returns home. I love the idea of Whole Foods—he gets the turkey/brie on ciabatta when he's at home.

      He is NOT a big salad eater (ceasar is about it), but he'll try just about anything once.

      He likes coffee.

      He's not likely to dine out alone.

      He eats meat, fish, seafood, more starchy vegetables, he's not on a diet and he's probably a little on the cheaper side (although he does love WF deli-type fare).

      Thanks for your help!

      1. re: joey125

        There are some good options around silver spring (somewhat close to Walter Reed) and others here can help you with.

        In terms of prepared food, most in DC (at least that I've found!) is not on the cheaper side.

        That said, on 11th Street there is a new peruvian chicken place called Chix. There is also an area chain called "chicken out" (not peruvian) that might serve him well. Google for locations.

        Coffee - there's coffee shops everywhere. Starbucks, Cosi, Busboys and Poets, that cute chocolate shop on 14th St sells coffee, etc.

        I don't really know what's "around" Mt. Vernon Square. He's sort of in the middle of everything, but it's not necessarily convenient in terms of running out to get something. If that makes sense.

        Sorry I can't be more helpful...but really, if he has a car, tell him to make weekly trips to Trader Joes and/or Wegmans and stock up on stuff to keep at home. It'll probably be less expensive and make him feel more relaxed at home to know he doesn't always have to "pick something up" on his way back from WRAMC.

        1. re: joey125

          Lincoln House Waffle Shop: cheap, standard diner fare, good hot coffee, right across from Ford's Theater.

      2. 910 M Street is right next to the convention center (and more Shaw, than Logan Circle or Penn Quarter), and i'm sure the real estate has shot up in recent years, there aren't a whole lot of restaurants in a 3-4 block radius. (Morrison Clark, Subway)

        Luckily, he can hope on the green line and get off @ Gallery Place, where there are considerably more options.

        But if he's working @ Walter Reed, there are a lot more walkable restaurants in that area.

        The great thing about DC is that the Metro can take you to a lot of good restaurants.

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          Thanks for all of your help. I think we'll stock up at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and I'll add a new post (I'll check out some of the recent ones first) for recommendations when we're together in DC and Baltimore.