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Mar 26, 2008 04:29 AM

The best NYC has to offer!!

Taking a trip to New York City. What is the NYC "must try".

I would like to try some restaurants with a tasting menu or anything a foodie must taste while in NYC!

Any recommendations?

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  1. Honestly, you'll probably get a list of fancy places to go to. If I had a close friend who was only going to be in town a few days, I'd tell them to go straight to Peter Luger's in Brooklyn for a porterhouse. People will tell you there is better, I don't know too many people who agree. Then I would tell them, get food off the street. A NYC hot dog, a knish, and some souvlaki. Go to one of the better pizza places (Most say DiFara's in Brooklyn) but I can't say, never been. Don't get caught in the tourist trap places. Go to McSorley's for a light and a dark. Yes I did just say stay away from tourist spots and then recommended a tourist spot. Where else can you grab a drink and see history on the walls like you do there. Aside from that you can hit any of the great restaurants I'll probably never step foot in, Le Bernardin, Per Se, Daniel, Masa (supposedly sushi heaven), Craft, or any of the the celbrity chef places that actually live up to their names.

    Honestly, I'd say let it happen! I was so wrked up when I went to San Francisco. Chinatown Chinatown Chinatown and I was going with food writers. Yippee. WHat I experiences was some of the blandest, most boring, most miniscule dishes I'd ever eaten. I'l take some whole in the wall place on in NYC.