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Mar 25, 2008 11:53 PM

Nigerian food in Singapore

Didn't know that I can find good Nigerian/West African food in Singapore until I ate at C.L.E. African restaurant in Verdun Road (near Little India) last night.

The place was teeming with African diners, which probably attest to the popularity of the restaurant amongst the African community in Singapore.

I had the Nigerian chicken tomato stew: the chicken were pre-cooked/fried beforehand, before being braised in a thick, intensely-flavoured tomatoey stew. It was delicious, especially eaten with a generous plate of suji (a cereal-like semolina side-dish), which lent texture & body to the stew. Overall, the dishes were fantastic and rather addictive.

I did not have a good experience with Nigerian food previously in Berkeley, CA, last month:

Last night, C.L.E. restored my faith in good, down-to-earth Nigerian cooking.

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  1. any idea where i can get some Ras Al Hanout spice in Singapore?

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    1. re: Hot Chocolate

      Try the massive spice section at Mustafa Centre in Serangoon Road - they have the widest range of spice mixes/blends in Singapore. I've never looked for Ras Al Hanout there, but have bought stuffed Arabic dates, Yemeni cakes/cookies & tinned Middle-eastern stuff like Foul Meddamas, etc.

      If they don't have it, you may have to blend your own.

    2. that great anything apart from rice and stew like solid foods