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Mar 25, 2008 11:48 PM

How is the dessert truck near NYU?

I got a date on friday and she is a chocolate freak. Should I take her to Max Brenners for some dessert or to the dessert truck on university for the bread pudding

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  1. Here's a link that takes in some earlier threads ...

    Dessert Truck
    , New York, NY 10003

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    1. re: squid kun

      What is the best dish? is the choc cake with the sea salt good? how is the bread pudding?

      1. re: pancun187

        Both were good. I posted my comments on the long dessert truck thread started in Nov. 2007.

    2. Or do the dessert truck for the most amazing hot chocolate (and I've had several of the other well-known hot chocolates in the city, including those of City Bakery, Jacques Torres, and La Maison du Chocolat)...

      I love the bread pudding, but I think the hot chocolate is even better.

      1. I found Max B's to be awful and all about the gimmick. Looking to try dessert truck this Friday.

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        1. re: lalengua23

          Note that it has moved to 3rd and 8th. It's there from 6 until about midnight.

        2. Depending on how much you want to wow her, take her to the bar at Blue Hill and get the chocolate bread pudding with vanilla ice cream there, it's right next to washington square park. It works wonders. Balthazar's a pretty good option too, they have a great chocolate cake near the NYU area.

          1. the chocolate cake at the spotted pig is second to none