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Mar 25, 2008 11:34 PM

hong kong: restaurants in the 5 star hotels

which are best for chinese cuisine including dim sum, seafood, cantonese, szechuan and northern chinese.

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  1. I've had good experiences with the following: Yan Toh Heen in the Inter-Continental, sort of new-wave high end Cantonese, for both dinner and dim sum, though most of my visits were before the name change; dim sum at the Island Shangri-La, and, one of my favorites, T'ang Court at the Langham hotel in TST (not sure that's a 5 star hotel, but it seems fancy), for dinner. I've also had great dim sum at Spring Moon in the Peninsula as recently as last January, but there has been some word that the place has gone downhill of late, and have not returned to check it out.

    I think you'll find that northern and Szechuan is rare in the 5 star hotels.

    1. dim sum: long king heen in 4 seasons
      cantonese: tang court in langham or one harbour road in grand hyatt

      1. I agree with HK traveller's recommendation of Long King Heen in the 4 Season. Very nouveau and innovative with some of their dim sum items.
        For Cantonese, I'd like to add Golden Leaf in the Conrad and Ming Court in the Langham Place Hotel to the list. Both I find serve better tasting food than Spring Moon. Yes, Soupnoodles, I also think Springmoon has gone downhill or may be, they are just the same as before but got eclipsed by some of the up and coming ones like T'ang Court?

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          My first post!
          T'ang Court at the Langham Hotel actually opened up over 17 years ago.

          Unfortunately, the hotel has changed names 3 or 4 times since I've been living here. If memory serves me correctly, they were one of the 1st restaurants to serve a whole chicken cooked the same way as Peking Duck!

          Most of the staff have been there since day one and they always make you feel very welcome. It's our favorite restaurant to go to when we like to 'splash' out and buy dinner for a few friends.

          We did visit Four Seasons last Easter Monday but didn't enjoy one little bit. Some dim sum dishes came out cooler than one would have expected for this class of establishment. They were quickly replaced though without any fuss.

          Some of the customers though did tend to have 'pigeon eyes' thinking that they were better than the rest of the guests. I have no time for these people!

          Love reading all the posts here and look forward to trying out Chicago eateries when I relocate in May.


        2. My favorite Chinese in a hotel has to be Yan Toh Heen at the Inter-Con. I have been a fan ever since I moved to HK more than 10 years ago, and the restaurant continues to deliver even after its name change as a result of hotel changing hands.

          Second fav would be Golden Leaf at the Conrad. Haven't yet trid Long King Heen at Four Seasons.

          Would avoid One Harbour Road at Grand Hyatt - heard many poor reviews lately. My last meal there in December wasn't great.

          1. Second or third Yan Toh Heen, great dim sum and service. I just love Intercon, great hotel, next to waterfront of Victoria Habour, great view with many great restaurants.