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May 14, 2002 07:24 PM

Show an SF hound the best LA burrito

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OK, I'm visiting friends in a few weeks and I MUST have at least one LA burrito. The debate seems to rage between San Francisco style and SoCal style, I happen to love the rice in my burrito, but I'm eager to try other styles, so . . . where should I go and what should I try? M

y favorites are carnitas and carne asada, but if there is a true prototypical LA burrito, I'm up for anything. Hell, I may even have two in one sitting.

Thanks from a San Francisco Chowhound

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  1. Don't know about the best, but here are 2 good ones. For a modest sized carne asada number with delicious beans, Yuca's, 2056 Hillhurst in the Los Feliz section. For the big honking everything but the kitchen sink variety, El Tepeyac aka Manuel's, 812 N. Evergreen, East LA, ask for the Hollenbeck Burrito.

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      I fully agree about El Tepeyac being the best. The flavor of the meat (pork) in the Hollenbeck is out of this world. There is another location other than East LA. It's located in Montebello but I couldn't tell you the address, just off the Pomona fwy near the Garfield/Wilcox exit.

      1. re: Pete C

        The one mentioned in Montebello is located on Potrero Grande Drive. It's called El Tepeyac Cafe. Just North of the Pomona Freeway. It's located across the street from Resurrection Cemetary.

    2. I agree that El Tepeyac is by far the best, and the Hollenbeck is the greatest example of the LA burrito. Also, the Machaca burrito (w/ extra chiles!) is delicious, though no rice.
      A little off the subject, but if you're here for a few weeks, you might want to make a day trip to Santa Barbara -- at La Super Rica on Milpas you will find perhaps the greatest example of Mexican food (or food of any kind) anywhere. They don't have burritos, but you won't care, believe me. Try everything -- each and every morsel is fantastic beyond belief. I dream of it.