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Mar 25, 2008 11:11 PM


Had to cancel my RW reservation last week. :( Really want to go here so rescheduled for this weekend. First time. What's not to be missed on the menu?

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  1. Still waiting on Pigalle menu recommendations. Going tonight!

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    1. re: shaebones

      When I was there recently, I LOVED the duck liver terrine (with brioche... prunes... still dreaming about the perfect salty/sweet combo). The cassoulet was also delicious (winter comfort food), and a bite each of DCs' duckling and salmon were all good.

      1. re: iamsam

        I think their deconstructed steak tartare is pretty nice. They have solid steak and salmon.

        My feelings about Pigalle: There are these whimsical-sounding items that pop up on the menu from time to time, with ingredients in odd combos that you just couldn't imagine really working. And about 95 percent of the time, I feel like they don't. I would stick to the more classic southern-French dishes.

        Along similar lines, I think their southeast-Asian-skewed bar menu is way, way overrated. Though the bartenders are very good, and very knowledgable about the small-ish but extremely well-chosen list of wines by the glass.

      2. re: shaebones

        The terrine was great. I'd also recommend the pheasant and foie gras tortellini, that was out of this world.

      3. I've only been once and the only thing I've had was the cassoulet but it blew my mind.

          1. I loved their tempura tuna roll (now $19)...when they offered it for around 13 bucks when they first opened!