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Mar 25, 2008 10:09 PM

Favorite restaurants for late-but-not-too-late nite dining?

So here's the deal. By the time I get around to thinking about dinner, it's typically 9 - 11pm, and the bulk of LA restaurants are either winding down or done for the night. Nothing pisses me off more than trying to go somewhere and walking up to the door to find out that the place has JUST CLOSED, and I've pretty much exhaused all the decent 24-hour options in Los Angeles (you can only go to so many delis and the same three places in Ktown so many times). Where do you guys go for late-but-not-too-late night dining, say, places that are open at least until midnight or 2 am, but aren't necessarily the usual 24-hour joints? Good "ethnic" food or places with a bit of atmosphere that aren't entirely deserted would be a plus, but anything in the greater LA area (south bay or the valleys too!) would make for a good list right here.

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  1. Hi Rameniac,

    Doesn't your favorite Asa Ramen open till 2:00 a.m.? (^_~)

    I don't eat late that much, but the places that I do know of are:

    * Macau Street: Great Macau dishes, and some decent HK food. Their homemade Egg Tarts (Dahn Tah) are *amazing*! Wonderfully flavorful, not too sweet, piping hot whenever I order it (much better than the standard stuff). :) Open till 11:00 p.m. every night.

    * Kappo Honda: My favorite Izakaya in So Cal. Better than their sister restaurants (Honda-ya). Kappo Honda's Agedashi Tofu, Buta Kakuni, Tarakasu (Butter Fish), Zaru Soba, and many more dishes are fantastic! (And a solid Sake selection) :) Open till 12:30 a.m. during weeknights, and till 12:45 a.m. Fri - Sat.

    Kappo Honda
    18450 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

    Macau Street Restaurant
    429 W Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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    1. re: exilekiss

      haha thanks exile! yea asa is one of my late nite haunts, but seriously i go there way too much. i'm like the norm to their cheers. it's... kinda pathetic lol.

      other places i go to: bcd soon tofu (wish so kong dong stayed open!), albene in ktown, and the hungry cat (though not as much as i'd like to).

      hmm macau street? my mom has been talking about that place lately...

      kappo might be a BIT far for a typical late dinner on a weekday, but i'll keep it in mind!

      1. re: rameniac

        Someone on another thread mentioned Raku in Little Tokyo and said the kitchen's last call was 1 AM.

    2. Place Yuu on Sawtelle has an open kitchen till 1AM. Closed Mondays. Awesome. You'll probably see me & Mrs. J.L. there at the sushi bar once a week, around 11PM (prime-time for many Japanese expats). AND their soba ain't bad!

      Place Yuu
      2101 Sawtelle

      Also, Raku (West LA) has an open kitchen till 1AM also. Closed Tuesdays. Corner of Barrington & Pico (in the 7-Eleven strip mall). Best Japanese style potato salad in town.

      p.s. Are you enjoying your new-found fame, Rameniac?

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      1. re: J.L.

        haha 15 minutes comes and goes pretty quick XD. i'm just trying to maneuver my way back to japan for an extended stay, so i can do some in-depth field reporting if you know what i mean!

        as for yuu, thanks! i'd completely forgotten about that place, don't think i've been there in years! is the menu pretty much the same as before? i remember it being good but small portioned, but then again that was back when i was a starving UCLA student and had no money lol.

        1. re: rameniac

          The menu at Place Yuu has been retooled, for the better, with lots more "daily specials" and decent (but not overwhelming) portions. I actually helped Mori-san with some suggestions when this was done about a year ago (and no, I have no financial interest in this place whatsoever; I'm simply a diehard regular).

          Photos below: Toro sashimi with yamaimo, buta kakuni, nabeyaki udon, and shishito.

          Try it again, Rameniac!
          Fellow Bruin Alum J.L.

          1. re: rameniac

            what do you all get at Raku at Barrginton and Pico.

            Does it have a counter, and if I remember correctly it used to be located in Hollywood on La Cienega , just above SM blvd. and owned by korean female chefs who prepared Japanese-inspired small plates.??

            1. re: kevin

              Raku is indeed Korean-influenced Japanese homestyle food.

              I like their okonomiyaki, Korean style potato-scallion pancake, fried sardine in shiso leaf, Japanese style potato salad, enoki sautee with butter, Korean style beef stew. I wash it all down with either shochu or aloe drink. Their menu is freaking huge.

              Yes, Raku has a counter, but remember, this isn't a sushi place.

              1. re: J.L.

                raku is pretty well regarded among my J-friends and within the J-expat community in LA. i think the owner is ethnic korean from japan or something. walked by the new little tokyo branch yesterday, but opted for koshiji yakitori instead, which ain't SSG, but is not bad at all!

        2. You know I'm going to say Hungry Cat, but another late night option for me is Bossa Nova on Sunset. I love the late night crowd due to the strip club across the street.

          I've never gone after hours, but I think Ruen Pair and Sanamluang in Thai Town are open late. I'm sure they're not the only ones.

          1. Fraiche in Culver City serves its bar menu 'til about midnight.

            9411 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

            1. The Oinkster in Eagle Rock is open 'til 11:00.
              The Original Tops in east Pasadena on Colorado is open 'til 11 weeknights and 12 on the weekends.