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May 14, 2002 03:51 PM


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Gourmet loved it- what do you think?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. My SO really enjoyed her ribeye, and hasn't stopped talking about it. My New York steak was fine, but not spectacular.

    What really turned me off to the restaurant, is the incredibly LOUD dining room. We did go on a Friday, hopefully a weekday would be a better time to visit for a more sane dining experience.

    The Jar
    8225 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 90048


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      I still have the headache that I got about 16 years ago when City Cafe opened and I felt like I had a buzz saw implanted in my head from the resonant sound so I stay away from places where sound proofing hasn't been included in the restaurant remodel. Its my idea that a meal should include conversation otherwise why go out to dinner with friends if you can't hear them.

      1. re: Zoe

        We arrived on a Saturday night some 15 minutes early for a late dinner reservation. We were seated 45 minutes after our reservation time. If anyone apologized to us, I didn't hear it - but the sound level was so great that it is possible they did. They brought an appetizer to the table that no one had ordered - this may have been their sense of hospitality. I suppose offering any food to us while we waited at the bar for an hour was not part of their game plan. It was equally disappointing that they did not advise us they were running that far behind - we would have gone elsewhere had we known.
        None of us were impressed by the food - but being unable to hear one another until the restaurant began to empty likely took away from its taste. Arrived home at 2:00 am - the noise still sounding inside my head.
        If you do wish to try it, I would suggest lunch (on a weekday if that works for your schedule). Food is quite creative and well presented at lunch time, although service can be quirky (Interesting dish arrives at another table mid meal; waiter responds to inquiry: didn't I tell you about the specials?). They obtain their meat from Harvey, so it's quite high quality.
        There is an odd notion out there in the world, that the worse you treat customers the more they think you are successful and important. Amazingly, it works.

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      wow i'm a dog

      This thread from February may answer your question...


      1. Did anyone try the fried clams here???