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Mar 25, 2008 09:15 PM

Manapua, Malsadas and Shrimp trucks - Maui

Staying in Kihei with 3 young men who just want to body surf, hang glide and be ultra casual-laid back. And they like to eat. Does anyone know of places I can get plate lunches, manapua, shaved ice, and malasadas so they can get some sort of taste of local culture via their taste buds. I know they have shrimp trucks on about on Maui?

PS yeah we've got a car...expecting to jump off the side of a volcano... uh-ohhhh

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  1. This is probably way to late for your post as it sounds as though you were there back in March, but I found this via Google:

    A couple of years ago in Maui, I dragged my DH around till we found this place (pre-GPS days). We tried the malasadas; they were just ok. They're really only great (IMHO) when they are still warm...

    Note from their website: "Hot malasadas are available only at the main store at 1005 Lower Main Street"

    Could you report back as to whether you found any of the things you were looking for and where?

    Home Maid Bakery
    1005 Lower Main St, Wailuku, HI