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Mar 25, 2008 09:04 PM

cooking for him for the first time..

I have no idea what to make..Any ideas? Preferably no Italian, I fear comparison :)

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  1. A few questions:
    What can you cook?
    What does he like?
    You know, just some facts.

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    1. re: mnosyne

      well.. I can cook pretty much anything. He likes anything but something more hearty and homey (whatever that means)..Probably more meat than fish..I don't really have a budget.. We have known eachother it's not like I need to tone it down,,I just have never cooked for him ;)

      1. re: laur76

        still there will be some needless stress. avoidable. I had a meltdown doing something as simple as pasta primavera in cream sauce once.

        so easily avoided.

    2. take a xanax and keep it friggin' simple, no fussy sauce that doesn't set right at the last minute. play to your strengths while keeping time for interaction. an old-school caesar and a roast chicken?

      grilled things are easy and casual and extend to relaxed conversation. in that vein I once thought a mixed grill was cool, make (somewhat mild) aioli a day in advance so it has a chance to mellow and grill a couple of simple sausages, a nice small cut or two of beef, frog legs or chicken wings maybe some shrimp (not in that order - timing is still critical) some asparagus or brussels sprouts (marinated in olive oil before the heat) and potatoes. the nice thing is grilled meat can be served cool, so if the timing is off, you can pull it to the side and have another glass of wine while the rest cooks.

      if you want to get dramatic serve it on an individual hibachi like I had it in Barcelona once. but that violates the simple rule.

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      1. re: hill food

        I think the first thing I cooked for my fiancee was the meatloaf recipe out of a Naomi Judd cookbook-the type with a lot of catsup on top. I know there was mashed potatoes and a salad involved-actually I think the meatloaf was technically leftovers that I pulled out of the freezer. He loved it(granted before he met me he pretty much existed on PBand J-so I don't know what that says...)

      2. something comfort food-y? as well as easy...
        salmon croquettes
        mashed potatoes w/ gouda, skins and lumps, and black pepper
        roasted asparagus w/ a little parm and garlic
        strawberry shortcake

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        1. re: Emme

          w/o sounding too ambitious (wink, nod), aparagus does make certain bodily funcions like sweating or others... distinctive?

          wrap it in prosciutto or serrano after the poach, roast or grill and maybe some vinegarette if you do.

          1. re: hill food

            haha good point... green beans instead? altho, i'd never noticed a distinctiveness to sweat, just to ... pee?

            1. re: Emme

              given my metabolism,my skin often smells a little of my last meal despite scrubbing. but yeah that was the other and larger consideration.

              sp no Popeye's on a work night or aioli or caesar salad or...up this late in general.

        2. Upscaled casual? Baked macaroni and cheese, burgers with interesting toppings, maybe?

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          1. re: spellweaver16

            i like this idea. i know my guy friends would love something like that.

          2. Good ol' roasted chicken and some roasted root veggies...the best thing about this is that if you have some nice wine and meaty-cheesey bits when he gets there, most likely, the smooching will distract you from the cooking...the trick, right when he gets there, turn theoven down and forget about it...I've "forgotten" the chicken for about 3 hours and then when our hunger reminded us that we were supposed to be having "dinner" we attacked the chicken and it was great!!!
            Just cook things that don't really require attention and taste great when left out, re-heated, or cold the next day...pizzas are always fun too as long as you have all the fixin's prepped before he one wants to "work" when there are better things to be "done"