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Mar 25, 2008 08:25 PM

Skagit River Ranch vs Thundering Hooves?

I was wondering how others would compare these two. I've gotten family packs (beef and pork) from Skagit River in the past, but lately haven't been able to get them to return my calls. I think they have more than enough business with the restaurant trade and the farmer's markets. Anyway, I love their meats but I can't, or won't, afford the per pound price at the farmer's markets. So I recently bought some meat from Thundering Hooves. Haven't eaten anything but their sweet onion sausages yet. Delish, but not tlike SRR.

What do others think? Comparisons? Opinions of each? Thanks!

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  1. I personally love Skagit. But then again, there are only 2 of us and so we buy from the market. But... once when I couldn't get things from Skagit, they actually sent me to Thundering Hooves. So I think that says a lot for Thundering Hooves if Skagit believes in them. And I did love my Thundering Hooves turkey. I've heard very good things about Thundering Hooves from friends.

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      And depending upon how lately you've been trying to get Skagit, they were out of town for a month. They have pork and beef side prices on their sign right now at the market (well, not *right now*, I mean it's Tuesday Night), so they definitely still do some work in that space.

      Tho yes, they are doing pretty good business overall.

    2. Has anyone bought chickens from these vendors? Are they discernably better than, say, the Rocky chickens you can get at PCC/WF?

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        Hard to say. Skagit only has whole chickens, which I never like quite as much as a boneless, skinless breast, and I never get anywhere else. That said, they are tasty chickens, but I can't really compare them to the Rocky's.

        The 'new' guys, Rickman Gulch?, they have some tasty chicken which, I think, is cheaper than what I get at Ballard Market. They have boneless, skinless breasts, as well as whole, and other things too. Keep hoping to try their buffalo wings.

        1. re: jaydeflix

          Is Rickman Gulch at the Ballard farmer's market? I don't ever buy boneless/skinless, so whole chickens are fine with me.

          1. re: christy319

            Normally, yes. At the north end of the market, near the pet food store.

            They're gone for a couple weeks, not sure if this is the weekend they are back or if it's next. Wife says next week should be it.

      2. There is no comparison - Skagit River wins by a mile