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Mar 25, 2008 07:43 PM

The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub

What a pleasant surprise! My husband and I hadn't been in the place for a few months, but happened to be nearby doing laundry today. We stopped by for a plate of fries and a few pints.....but ended up with quite a delicious lunch! He had the tempura shrimp with a light mustard dipping sauce & a chicken wrap as his main, I had calamari and a bowl of lovely spicy chili with a nice warm chipotle flavour.

The food was unexpectedly great! I was all ready for the usual greasy, battered, over-cooked bar food, but lunch was a surprising treat.

Kudos to the person who shook this place up and gave it a new classier feel, I'm hooked!

(Now, if you could only get rid of that awful flowery brand of cider and get the delicious Strongbow back on tap...please!!)

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    1. re: callitasicit

      305 Roncesvalles Ave.

      I totally agree that this place is great.

      1. re: bustercat628

        The chef/owner used to be at Boho down the street: he does a great job with meats on the grill, and this is definitely far more creative fare than most sports bars. Thursday is steak night and it's a very nice steak for the price. The overstimulation factor of noise and TV screens can be a bit much - pretty much impossible to hear yourself think, let alone converse.

        1. re: bustercat628

          Be warned: their website may cause seizures.

      2. It can be hit or miss. We were there for lunch once and the food was spectacular - but we were the only people in the place other than some guy we think was Leafs coach Paul Maurice at the bar. A second visit on a Sunday afternoon during a basketball game and a almost full house offered up some really mediocre food.

        1. What's the flowery brand of cider you're referring to?

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          1. re: redearth

            This place started out great with great ambition, the presentations are still good, but it really is just slightly kicked up pub grub. It is a sports bar after all and not very gastro (in the british tradition). The steak night is a hold over from previoius ownership. The food is solid but not very creative anymore. It is still loud and sports oriented (which is fine for what it is). But service still tends to be best for those who are 'friends' of either the place, staff or owners...