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Mar 25, 2008 07:34 PM

Quiet, Kosher, near Penn Station or Port Authority, Manhattan?

CAn you help me with another approach here? Six cousins meeting in N. Y., but four of us are arriving by train or bus. It might be best if Argentinian cousins take a cab from their hotel to a good restaurant, could be dairy, somewhere on the West Side, 33rd-42nd St area.

Reliable certification necessary for our daughter. Am I asking too much here? All suggestions welcome.

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  1. Abigael's, Colbeh, Olympic Pita, and Mr Broadway (in descending order of "niceness") are all in that area. All meat. (The big advantage of Mr Broadway is the four separate menus; between them everyone should be able to find *something* they can eat.)

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      That's great, zsero! Actually, my daughter just came up with Mr. Broadway, and while I"m sorry to see that you feel it is last in the order of "niceness" in your list, it will do just fine. Our other daughter is a semi-vegetarian, and likely to find something she would enjoy, say, from the Chinese menu. And, I think it will be a cultural experience for our Argentinian cousins.

      Will definitely report after our get-together, which isn't until the first week of April.

      One more thing: iin terms of lunchtime quiet--ie, ability to be heard, how would you rank the four? For us it isn't a chow experience, it's a talking/getting to hand out together experience.

      1. re: Bashful3

        "hand out" is too funny. I tried to edit, but it didn't work!

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          I do enjoy Mr. Broadway - everyone one will definitely find something they want form chinese to deli and everyhting in between- but to answer you question - Abigaels will give you the quietest atmoshpere for conversation to hang out - I have found Mr. Broadway can get a bit noisy

          1. re: Bashful3

            word to the wise - coming from, a vegetarian, not too many veggie options at mr broadway

          2. re: Bashful3

            Of the four, Mr Broadway is the most downscale. It's still pretty good, though. Note, though, that I didn't list KD, J2, Kosher Deluxe, etc., which are not what you're looking for at all.

            As for quiet, I see you've already found that Mr Broadway has none. I agree that Abigael's is likely to be the quietest.