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May 14, 2002 12:51 PM

Chinese Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner

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I'm looking for a good and cost efficient chinese restaurant for 20-25 people (private room preferred).

Do you have any suggestions?

I am looking at Chinatown area or Monterey Park area.


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  1. The bigger, Cantonese seafood restaurants will fit the bill. Empress Pavilion in Chinatown, plus NBC, MPV, Ocean Star & Empress Harbor in Monterey Park all have traditional banquet menus available and private rooms. I recently went to two, 2-table private parties at MPV and Empress Harbor and both were good, very seafood-centric. At MPV, we had spectacular lobster (but probably really pricey) and I liked the steamed whole fish at Empress Harbor. However, parking's better and the rooms are nicer at Empress Harbor. What's your budget? That might help decide which restaurant.