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Mar 25, 2008 07:29 PM

Sweet n' Creamy Cocktails...

Okay, call 'em what you want...but what was the best one you've ever tried??

Yes, most of them have been called martinis, and I know that offends many...but I don't honestly care what they're called, or what kind of glass they are served in (but I do prefer the martini shaped glass because it has a thinner rim)....I just want my drink to taste good, same as my food.

Here are my favorites:

Key Lime Pie "Martini" Key Lime juice, vanilla vodka, licor 43 and cream.... The rim dipped in graham cracker crumbs...mmmm
Banana Truffle "Martini" Banana Liqueur, vanilla vodka and cream
The chocolate martini at Seasons 52...with ice cold chocolate shavings on top

But then, back before crazy martinis were everywhere, I could be happy with a B-52, a sombrero or toasted almond...or just Baileys on the rocks...

I realize many think they'd make better desserts, than drinks...but surely I'm not the only one who likes these more than hard alcohol?

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  1. They do make better desserts. A sweet cocktail is perfect when you feel like having something sweet but just don't have room for a traditional dessert. It's best to save them for after the meal; having one as a pre-dinner cocktail is like having ice cream as an appetizer. One of my favorites is the Golden Cadillac, a mix of white crème de cacao, Galliano, and cream.

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      I do a lot of reverse eating and drinking, starting with dessert. My friend and I always ask to look at dessert first.

    2. I like a white russians. Check out the Big Lebowski and you'll have a craving!

        1. I've really enjoyed cream sherry flips... take cream sherry, add egg! yum. (we need to bring back egg-based drinks..!)

          1. I always like the dirty banana. I once had a frozen Kahlua concoction at a Hyatt in Boston many years ago. It was the best frozen drink I ever had. No clue as to what was in it, or how to make it. It was rich custardy, and strong.